Useful Links

When researching what fish you'd like to keep in your aquarium it is essential that you get the best possible advice. We highly recommend you research fish species before travelling to any shop to buy them. Here are a selection of websites that Biotope Aquatics recommends.

INJAF (It's not just a fish) was co founded by Biotope Aquatics director Jared Cave and friend Suzanne Constance in a bid to raise awareness of fish welfare issues and best practise when keeping ornamental fish. It includes great information of cycling tanks, water management and keeping fish ethically.

The world's single most useful and largest resource for catfish keepers everywhere. If you want to start researching potential new catfish for your aquarium, this is the place to start.

The internet is awash with information in regards to fishkeeping, both good and bad. There are many care sheets out there for various species of aquarium fish, however the Seriously Fish knowledge base is very much a trusted resource offering excellent information for those researching their next fish purchase.