Tillandsia Catopsis Rare Live air plant bioactive natural house vivarium yellow




Tillandsia Catopsis Air Plant

Unusual texture on underside of leaves

Yellow/ white flowers
They are soft leaved, smoother edged, and form graceful small rosettes. The undersides of the leaves are coated with a texture that has similar appearance to white powder, making them an interesting example of species. The flowers have small white / yellow petals.

Biotope Aquatics has one of the largest selections of air plants and accessories in the UK. Please see our shop for plant species, fixatives and a huge selection of Mopani and other exotic woods to attach them too.
Air plants are ideal for naturalistic bioactive vivariums or simply used as an attractive home decoration.
Photo one shows one of our actual plants in flower. Photo two is for illustration only, you will receive one plant which will grow into similar as the photo if in correct growing conditions and care. the plant you will receive will not be in flower. The plants in the photo are established plants which have been grown on and developed over time. The plants we sell are young specimens that are designed to allow you, as the owner to see the plant develop and establish over time, and eventually flower and pup. You can achieve the same as the photo, from the plant we send you, given the correct care, attention and time.


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